I would love if you sponsored me! I love helping other bloggers out, so if you sponsor me you'll be showered with lots of fellow blogger love. I will also gladly do button swaps, so if you're interested in doing one, please email me. The largest button I will post for a swap is 200 x 200. Thank you!

If you want to set up a sponsored post/product review, please email me to discuss further. 

Here are my latest blog stats as of August 3rd, 2015:

=approx. 2,050 page views
with about 1,375 unique visitors

=approx. 1,700 page views
with about 1,400 unique visitors

=approx. 1,675 page views
with about 1,350 unique visitors

Facebook Blog Page: 1,015
Twitter: 665
Bloglovin: 600
Instagram: 500
Pinterest: 485
Google+: 315

Total: 3,580 followers

SO what do you get if you sponsor my blog?

  • Sponsorships run for 30 days. Can begin as soon as you make payment or at another date which you may choose and to be discussed between us.
  • One post on my blog's Facebook page introducing you and your blog
  • 8 to 12 tweets throughout the month promoting your blog or certain posts (averages to about 2 to 3 tweets per week)
  • Option of guest posting on my blog
  • Anything you'd like me to promote, through any social media platform!
  • Optional blog consultation (any questions you may have that are blog-related, tips on improving your blog layout and social media accounts, etc.) 
One month's sponsorship is currently $8 and can be paid via PayPal. If you need a button design (200 x 200) I can help you create one for an additional fee of $2

Email me if you are interested in working together to improve your blog!