Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What's in my makeup bag?

I'm not big on wearing makeup and usually go for the bare minimum. I love any kind of "natural" look. Now that I'm working with kids again, I feel less inclined to "spruce" my face up, so the heavy eyeshadow and lipstick wear is saved for the occasional night out or any other type of dress up event. I wanted to share with you guys what's inside my makeup bag (well, the main one...) These are the items I use most frequently, but I do have two other bags full of goodies! Ironic for someone who doesn't wear makeup that much, haha.


Here is what I pretty much wear every single day, no matter where I'm going. I do like to splurge on my foundation since it's something that I use almost daily and I'm prone to breaking out if I use drug store brands. For now I'm using Clinique's liquid foundation and I LOVE it. It never leaves my skin oily and all I need is a small dab. Sometimes I also use concealer to cover up under-eyes or scars from blemishes. Next, I use my new favorite item that I've been pining over for years—NARS The Multiple in Orgasm. It works as a blush but can also be applied to eyes, lips, etc. The color is perfect for giving your face a soft pinkish glow. I also like using a little bit of Sephora's bronzer/blush. To finish up (after applying eyeshadow) I spritz my face a couple times with NYX Matte Finish Spray, which is great for making sure your makeup actually stays on your face and doesn't melt off by the end of the day (because that's always fun...)


Even for my every day look, I like to play up my eyes a little bit. I try to match my eyeshadows with the colors of my outfit and/or jewelry. Because of that, I love getting eyeshadow palettes because they offer the most variety at the best price. My Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette has lasted me years now (although the "Sin" color is almost out, ugh!) If you're new to eyeshadow palettes I definitely recommend getting either the Sephora one shown above (it's half off now - only $15!) or the popular Naked palette, which is also by Urban Decay. I also love Almay's palettes because they indicate which color should go where!


Ah, lipstick. For the longest time I never wore lipstick, unless it was for a special occasion like Halloween or New Year's Eve. I only started wearing it regularly a couple years ago when I would substitute teach and that was only to try and make myself look more "grown up" so they would stop confusing me with high school students! Then, when I started my first office job, I continued to wear lipstick almost every day. I have TONS of colors so these are only a few, but I wanted to show what my favorite kinds of shades are. I love the classic red lip, so of course I gotta have a few of those. I also like blush/nude tones, so I have plenty of those as well. As for those fun colors that really pop, I only have a couple, but my favorite shade for that kind of wear is definitely something in the hot pink territory.

Your turn to share!
Do you prefer wearing eyeshadow or lipstick?
What's your favorite makeup to splurge on?

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