Thursday, August 27, 2015

Songs I'm Loving Lately #9: Great Tune, Great Lyrics

It's been so long since I've done one of these posts! Most of my past Songs I'm Loving Lately have had some kind of theme, but I was really struggling to find a common theme for all of these songs.  I guess you could say they're all love songs in a sense, but really, what song isn't? What I finally realized is that while all of these songs have a great tune (in my opinion) they also have great lyrics. Nowadays it's getting harder and harder to find songs that actually have lyrics that don't make you cringe. I chose these songs not only because they're catchy, but because a lot of their lyrics really speak to me.

When You Were Mine - Night Terrors of 1927
ft. Tegan & Sara
Okay, admittedly I love this song because it's catchy, as with most of my favorite Tegan & Sara songs (even if they're only "featured" in this one). The main point of this song is looking back on a relationship that has ended, but it's not necessarily a "sad" break up song. To me it's more like you're looking back on the time spent with this person. My favorite line in the song is "the hottest love has the coldest end." and boy, oh boy, can I relate to that!

Great Summer - Vance Joy
I've been on a Vance Joy kick lately. There are so many songs of his I can choose from, but this one in particular is my favorite right now. It's from the soundtrack of that movie "Paper Towns" which I still haven't seen (but really want to!) Another catchy song and fits quite perfectly for this time period since we're just about done with summer. The part of the song that speaks most to me is "the kid you used to be, well, I know that you're still there." Since I've been going through some rough times, I can really relate to this because despite everything, I know that "the kid" in me is still in there and I'm trying my best to reconnect with that part of myself.

Only Love - Ben Howard
Perhaps the mushiest song on this list, "Only Love" is a beautiful love song. It's the most personal to me, so I can't really go into detail on why, but my favorite lyrics are "darling you're with me, always around me."

Cecilia & The Satellite - Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness
Truthfully, this song I like mostly for it's sound and all of that. The lyrics are pretty standard and not much stands out. If I had to chose, though, I'd pick "how a face can change when a heart knows fear." Also, I knew his voice sounded familiar, so while writing this post I decided to google my suspicions and discovered that Andrew is in fact the same Andrew who was the lead singer of Something Corporate, one of my favorite "emo" bands from back in the day!

Tenerife Sea - Ed Sheeran
Ah, Ed Sheeran. Perhaps the master of love songs. This is one that hasn't reached the radio (yet) so enjoy it while you can and it doesn't get overplayed. I pretty much love all of the lyrics of this song, as usual with anything Ed Sheeran. But when he sings "so in love" my heart melts a little bit (or a lot a bit). 

Are you a fan of any of these songs? Or do you know any similar songs that I may enjoy? Please share! I'm always looking for more music :)

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