Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Not only have I been MIA from my blog, but I've also pretty much been MIA from my actual life. These past couple of months I've felt like I was in limbo. I never really felt like myself and if I wasn't in a negative mindset, I was simply aloof and detached. I tried shaking it off and getting my **** together, so to speak, but all it ever resulted in was me breaking down in despair. Safe to say, these past few weeks have been anything but pretty and pleasant.

Ask me why I got into this state and I wouldn't have an answer for you. Ask me how I got out of it and again, I wouldn't have a clear answer for you. I think it's just a mix of everything. As a confused, clueless and unsatisfied twenty-something, this isn't really a surprise. I'm still trying to work through a lot of things and in a way I'm also still trying to figure out who I really am. My restless nature certainly doesn't help with that, because this is a process that typically takes years. I also just want things to fall in place like, yesterday, so the fact that I'm still in this endless loop gets to me sometimes.

Last week it was pouring here and I thought of that phrase "April showers bring May flowers." I felt that it was the perfect way of describing my life lately. I've gone through some pretty hectic "showers" this month, but I can already feel my attitude and mindset shifting. I'm getting to the flowers.

I know this quote is used for nature and weather purposes, but I really feel like it can be applied to life, too. It symbolizes how sometimes you have to weather the storms in your life in order to get to the part where you grow as a person and have good things come your way. So I'm really hopeful that after all my life showers, I will finally be able to enjoy May. (This sounds a bit cheesy, doesn't it?)

I've been coming up with so many blog post ideas and will be starting a few new projects soon, so I'm genuinely excited for this upcoming month. I'm also excited to share all of these new things with you. I feel so guilty for neglecting my baby, this blog, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things.

Here's to a wonderful Spring, full of new adventures. 


  1. This is definitely how I've felt lately too! You aren't alone!

  2. really excited for your upcoming blog posts :)

  3. I had a little crisis yesterday and posted about my struggles too. Check it out at