Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Quiz!

Everyone loves filling out fun quizzes/surveys, amiright?! When I found out that one of my favorite bloggers, Two Thirds Hazel, does these fun quizzes with a link up I just had to join. I'm not really a fan of "Valentine's Day" simply because I've always thought it was a silly made up holiday for consumers to go crazy, BUT I have no problem sharing how I feel about dating/love/boys, as you probably well know by now. If you don't... well I recommend you check out some of my blog's tags at the bottom of this post! 

Agree with any of my answers? 
Have any funny stories to share about love/Valentine's Day?

P.S. I'm afraid to say that I think everything I've done "for love" can be deemed crazy.


  1. I overanalyse way too much! Someone who can make me laugh was one of my answers! Laughter is the best

  2. Cute quiz.
    As someone who over-analyzes everything, I'd like to say that it is quite possible to have found "the love of your life" and still question it. Sometimes, the best things in life are scary, which will make us question. If you have a BAD feeling, by all means, leave that situation, but if you are just nervously questioning love, give it a chance. Don't write it off just because you question it. If I wrote off everything I questioned, I would literally have NOTHING. lol. :)

    Kristin //

  3. You have the best answers! A guy with good humor is really the perfect guy. I agree on having a million celebrity crushes. Love is crazy!

  4. True, it would be great if a guy could be himself on a first date. Sincerity is a good trait.