Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thoughts Lately: Momentary Hiccups

I often struggle between deciding whether or not I want my blog to be strictly "quality" posts with specific and useful topics or if I want to let it run more like a diary. It's one of the reasons I don't post as often as I'd like to. I don't have as much time as I'd like to to write those "quality" posts I'm talking about, but I also don't want to leave my blog just up in the air. So I think maybe I will try to find that sweet spot of a balance between the two kinds of posts. FYI: this post will run along the lines of random diary entry, haha.

Momentary hiccups. I'm not sure why that phrase came to mind when I had to think of a title for this post. I guess I'm trying to relay that I'm currently going through a "momentary hiccup" or at least I'd like to look at it that way. It's good to look at life's bumps in the road as just that-momentary hiccups. Something that will pass and shouldn't be a big deal. Good mindset to have; not always the easiest to maintain.

Life lately in photos:

(you know, just me & Leyla~)
(office decor & being stuck in traffic -_-)
(view of the reservoir from my office)

Some thoughts on my mind lately:

  • "The Originals" - I watch the Vampire Diaries (although lately it's the same old love triangle BS that's getting real old) but I never gave the spin-off show a chance because I thought it would suck. I was so wrong! I actually enjoy it so much more than TVD. It doesn't revolve around love triangles and melodramatic hoopla like it's sister show. I'm almost done with season 1 thanks to Netflix and a weekend of laying in bed. Even if you don't watch TVD, I recommend this show because it has a far greater plot (lots of importance on family, awesome historical flashbacks, tons of juicy drama between all the supernatural groups in New Orleans, hot actors & actresses with cool accents, etc.)
  • Learning to let go - This is a common theme in my life and no doubt there's a reason why I have to keep learning the hard way. I have trouble letting go of people who are toxic and don't bring me more joy than unhappiness. I like to believe in people and that they can change, so I often give more than just second chances. Now it's time again to let go. It never really gets easier, but I do learn from each experience (however unpleasant it may be...) Maybe I'll just listen to Frozen's "Let It Go" on repeat while I let out all my aggression on the elliptical.
  • Having a job is awesome - For lots of reasons. I'm actually doing something with my life, starting my career, learning things in the field I want, getting paid and starting to save up to move out, etc. But there's also cons. Like still not getting the hang of a good sleep schedule. Coming home too tired to do anything productive. Not having as much time for blogging. No time to actually use my gym membership (because, you know, too tired...and lazy). All things that can be worked on, though.
  • My absurd closet - This has been on my mind for MONTHS now. I have clothes overflowing from my closet and drawers and bins left and right. I keep sorting things out to donate or sell, but it's never enough and I'm starting to feel like I'm drowning in clothes. This is such a first world problem. I'm kind of ashamed. I really need to tackle this issue. Also because I want to eventually buy new wardrobe staples, specifically for work, and right now there's just no space. I was recently sent Marie Kondo's book about tidying up by an awesome blogger (Jenn over at Rych In Love) and plan on reading that ASAP.
  • Where did my tiny tooth go? - This story is either really funny or borderline disturbing, so read at your own risk. I've had this really tiny tooth next to a "normal" tooth for years now. I used to call it my "snaggle tooth." It wasn't noticeable because it was in the back of my mouth but it was annoying from time to time. The past week or so, for whatever reason, it started to wiggle much more than usual. I kept playing with it (with my tongue, not finger, ew) because it hurt and truthfully I kind of wanted to just yank it out. Well I guess I must have loosened it up quite a lot because now it's gone and I don't know where it went. Worst part is it happened while I was eating dinner. There is a slight chance I swallowed my tiny tooth...

And I will leave you with that to reflect on! 

Until next time loves,



  1. Haha! The tooth bit is crazy, but I'm sure you'll be fine. I remember when I returned to get my wisdom teeth stitches removed from my oral surgeon, and they were 'gone'. He basically thanked me for doing his work for him, and told me to pay my bill on the way out :-/

  2. The Originals is SO much better than TVD. I still watch both (I just can't quit Damon) but now most of the characters in TVD just seem, well, childish in comparison. Also-- I LOVE the flashbacks.

  3. Aw I'm sure swallowing the tooth will be fine , just a little extra calcium haha! Finding work/life balance is always a struggle. I just make an extra effort to do the things that are important to me (ie. gym, blogging). Every once in awhile life gets in the way or I have a rough day so I give myself some peace and quiet those days but I think making time for things that light you up outside if work is always positive!

  4. I really need to clean out my closet as well, it's overflowing but I barely wear half of what's in it! Love this as always, which is why I nominated you for the versatile blogger award on my blog ( hyperactive daydream ).
    Have a lovely day!
    xo, Katie

  5. That's so ridiculous! I would have given him the death glare hahah. But yeah the area where my tooth used to be gets a bit achy at times but I'm gonna give it awhile longer to see if it just goes away... I kind of really fear the dentist lol

  6. Hahah I still watch TVD too because of Damon (and sometimes Caroline) but I completely agree - The Originals goes above and beyond TVD! The flashbacks are some of my favorite parts! Maybe because I was a history major though :-P

  7. I'm hoping to establish a good work/life balance soon. I kind of let myself slack and just let things be for the first few weeks of the new job, but now that I'm developing a routine I definitely need to get into the habit of going to the gym and staying on top of my blog. Definitely a good thing to give yourself a break every now and then though!

  8. Thank you Katie! I'll be sure to check it out soon :)