Sunday, January 4, 2015

Apartment Living: Living Room Decor

Within a few months, I have every intention of FINALLY moving out of my parent's home and moving into my very own apartment. 2015 is the year, folks. It's not like I haven't lived on my own before (dormed two years in college, other two living in a house with 5 other girls), so this won't be the first time "on my own." But those four years of independence never felt 100% and of course were only temporary. I got used to it, though, and it was a difficult transition coming back that only grew more frustrating as time passed. As much as I love my parents and am so grateful for actually having a place to stay during this past year and a half of semi-unemployment, this caterpillar has long ago blossomed into a butterfly that needs to break free and fly away (even if it's only half an hour away).

While the whole apartment searching and saving up money aspect of moving out is already under way, it will probably still be a couple months or so until I'm actually in my new place. If you know me at all though, you should know I'm already planning, planning and some more planning. I get excited about future projects and get really invested in planning and coming up with ideas. I've been on Pinterest a lot more recently, pinning away every single picture I see of apartments, living room decor, DIY furniture ideas, space savers, etc. This is my way of coping with my utter excitement that has got me just a tad bit impatient. I've been dreaming of my independence since I was like 12, so you can only imagine.

I decided I would turn this excitement and crazy amounts of ideas into a new series for the blog called "Apartment Living." For now, I'll mostly be posting inspiration boards or things I want to see in my new apartment. Once I finally do move, I'll probably be posting my attempts at constructing Ikea furniture and failed attempts at DIY decor. I also want it to be a way of giving advice to any twenty-somethings who are moving out for the first time and need help budgeting. I have tons of ideas for this new series and I'm SO excited to start sharing with you!

Living Room Decor

Something that I really love about interior design is your basic neutrals with colored accents. When I picture my future home in general, I definitely want to stick with this kind of design. I'm a huge fan of having colors that pop (but not too much!) I also believe a living room should be one of the most comfortable places in your home, so that will definitely be a part of my design as well.

Here's a list of some things I want in my future living room:
  • A big comfy couch, preferably in the "L" shape. Like I said, I need a comfortable living room and you can't have that if you have a stiff couch. The L shape couches are perfect for lounging, too.
  • A soft throw blanket (or two). You can never have too many blankets, especially soft and cozy ones. 
  • A few accent pillows. I think these really help put the room together, especially if they're contrasting colors and designs.
  • A "coffee table book." Is it just me or have these become really popular lately? You know, those books that are apparently meant specifically for your coffee table so that when guests come over they have something to look through. At first I thought it was such a silly thing, but now I can't wait to find the perfect "coffee table book." Or several.
  • A painted "DIY" coffee table. Can't have the books without the table right? Ideally I want to either find a nice sized coffee table at a thrift store or buy this one at Ikea and paint it a funky color to make it look nicer (and of course, accent the place up!) This is an example of someone's redesign of that table: 
    I love it! And the black cat, too. Helps me picture Leyla next to my future table.

What are some things you love about your living room? Or something you'd like to add/change to it in the future?

Stay tuned for future installments of "Apartment Living"! 
In the meantime check out my Decor board on Pinterest.


  1. I'm definitely into the sectional couches myself. I love to feel all comfy in my living room. I totally see what you mean.

  2. I have a "L" shaped couch, it's my favorite! My apartment is full of book shelves. Although, my main focus in apartment living, is finding a place with a lot of windows, I love being able to have natural light in my rooms!

  3. Oooh you're right! I hate rooms that don't have enough windows. Natural light just makes the whole vibe of the room 10 times better. Thanks for reminding me to add something else to my list when apartment hunting ;)

  4. Right? I love lounging in the corner so I can stretch my legs out but also have space beside me for books, my computer, snacks, etc. hahaha

  5. We are getting a sectional couch next week. I can't wait for our apartment to be more adult like.

  6. I actually bought a futon this time (I haven't lived with my parents since I was 18 because hell no) that way when any friends or family came to visit, they wouldn't have to stay in a hotel or on a small couch. It's so easy and I've had so many visitors. It's wonderful. I also opted out of an entertainment system and just put up shelves around my TV. I'm obsessed.

  7. I absolutely love my coffee table. My dad made it for me from an old toy table and it has a shadow box on top where I can put things. I love switching out what's in it. It's probably the most talked about piece of furniture when people come to visit!

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  10. Lovely decor ideas! In my living room I have a big blue sofa that I really love! I just want to get nice big cushions for it! :)

  11. Jefferson at One ScottsdaleJune 30, 2015 at 4:40 PM

    Living on your own for the 'first' time can be daunting, but it sounds like you're on your way! Love the pictures of the decorations and furnishings you have envisioned. Good luck in your journey.