Sunday, December 7, 2014

Photo Roundup: Getting in the holiday spirit

As Christmas approaches, the holiday spirit is creeping it's way into my life. I'm really not a fan of winter, but technically December is still autumn, so all's good. The days are shorter and the weather's getting colder, but there's still plenty of happy festive spirit in the air. I would not recommend going anywhere near shopping centers during the weekend, though. I tried to go to Target today and turned back around after 5 minutes of sitting in bumper to bumper traffic (and a lot of crazy people beeping their horns). Here's a collection of some pictures I've taken these past few days—most are holiday themed! All pictures taken with my lovely Canon Rebel T3.

The holiday cards going out to my fellow bloggers!!!
(bye bye birdies)
I am by no means a good nail painter, but I really like this festive gold color. It's called "Good As Gold" by Essie.
Leyla Binx wishes you a warm & festive holiday season. ;)


  1. Love that essie color!

  2. Your antlers are adorable! I need to do things to get in the holiday spirit too..maybe I'll send cards this week!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages