Friday, December 5, 2014

A Gift Guide For Yourself

Lately I have seen about one million thousand gift guides all over the internet. While I know a lot of people have trouble figuring out what to get their loved ones so these gift guides may actually be useful for them, I'm frankly sick of seeing so many. Don't hate me if you're one of those people posting gift guides. I'm totally for helping others (it is the season of helping those in need, after all). However, I've always felt that the best gifts come from the heart. The secret to gift-giving is being attentive to your friends and family. Throughout the year I'm sure they've mentioned several times certain things they wish they had or maybe pointed something out while shopping together. Even better, if you really know your friends and family you should have a pretty good idea of what kinds of things they'd enjoy or possibly want. [PSA to my friends: I love you all so much, but please, for the love of God, stop getting me things cat-related. I'm more then just a crazy cat lady!] Maybe at this point it's kind of too late to really figure out what your friends really need or would want, but keep that in mind for next year (or their birthdays!)

So, with all that being said, I'd like to present to you something you may not have seen before. A gift guide for YOU! Because yes, you're allowed and expected to buy yourself a holiday gift this season. You deserve it because you are fabulous. Also, you more than anyone know what you want. Problem is, you probably want ALL the things. So I'm here to help you break down the most obvious things that people usually want for themselves and why or why not you should allow yourself to splurge and get that awesome new "toy."

1. New Technology - Whether it's the new iPhone 6, a new laptop, new camera (or lens, such as I am currently battling with myself over...), chances are you've been eyeing that new piece of candy for quite some time and it'd rock your world if you could have it. Problem usually is—technology is EXPENSIVE. Maybe you have the money to spend on something so grandiose, but others don't. Or maybe you rather save all that money for a later date. The question to ask yourself here is: When was the last time you got a new *insert technology name here*? For example, last April I totally splurged and bought myself for the first time ever my own laptop. It was expensive. But I had had my old laptop for over five years and it was giving me a lot of trouble (plus it was so slow I would frequently want to pull my hair out). It was also around the time when I started full on blogging and I needed a speedy machine that could handle all the pictures and data I would be putting into it. I decided I did need new technology so I allowed myself to get it. Another example: I've had my iPhone 5 for over two years now, which means I'm "due" for an upgrade, but my phone is working perfectly fine. Yes, I'm constantly lacking "storage" and all that BS that Apple gives us, but I technically don't need a new phone. So, no, this Christmas I will not be getting a new phone. I'm going to wait until I actually need one. Long story short: If you need it, get it. If you don't need it, don't. If you have the money to spend and really, really want it: get it. If you rather save your money for further down the road, don't.

2. That expensive bag/necklace/etc. you've been eyeing for awhile - We've all been there. We want the new designer bag. We want that lovely and beautiful necklace. When I was in 7th grade one of the things on my wish list was a Prada bag (HAHAHAHAHA). Thankfully, my mom and dad had more sense then to buy a 12 year old a Prada bag (wtf, Val...) I normally am not one to splurge on "designer" anything, unless I find it at a super discounted price or a thrift store, etc. Last year, though, I did reward myself with a new Dooney & Bourke bag. I was 22 years old and it was the first time I had an actual designer bag since I was 14 (does anyone remember the Coach bag craze? I'm so sorry Mom & Dad). At the time I was working and I hadn't splurged on anything in such a long time, especially a bag of such means, so I went for it. But boy, did I feel guilty for spending that much. In reality, as far as "designer bags" go, the amount I spent was nothing (around $300) but I still felt wrong for spending that money. My friend made me feel better though, reminding me of how I hadn't gotten myself anything of that value in who knows how long, and I worked hard for it so I deserved it. So now I feel it is my duty to tell YOU that if you've worked your butt off this year, you deserve that bag. Or that necklace. Or whatever other "designer" item you've been eyeing for some time now. Don't feel guilty. I don't want to be quoting Drake or anything, but honestly, YOLO. It's true. Just don't go spending your entire bank account on something you'll only enjoy for awhile.

3. A Shopping Spree - What girl DOESN'T want a shopping spree?!?!? Remember that show on Nickelodeon that let kids pick out whatever toys they wanted at a toy store but they had like a minute to put stuff in their cart? What if that was us now, but in say, Forever 21? I don't even want to picture it. I would probably break my ankle, arm and eyeball. Although you're probably itching for a shopping spree right now, I say hold off. You're bound to get some money over the holiday season and in January there are a TON of sales. Definitely worth holding off on that shopping spree until well after New Years!

4. Shoes - Shoes. A girl's weakness. I used to be like, what? Shoes? Why are girls going cray cray over SHOES? And then one day I blossomed into a shoe lady and I knew what all the hype was about. A new pair of sexy ass winter boots? Sign me up, buddy. The thing is, though, not worth buying them during the holiday season. Get those boots you have your eyes on in January, etc. Don't worry about them running out of your size. Write down the name and brand you want and if anything go on Amazon or wherever Google takes you to. Shoes are not the thing to splurge on right now.

5. The Perfect Gift - You know what the perfect gift you can give yourself (that won't cost TOO much)? A new hair-do, a mani & pedi, a spa treatment, etc. Something that's for YOU and just you. Something to pamper yourself with. What better way to start off the new year but with a new you? This kind of gift I completely condone and in fact, I think it's something that every woman should be getting during this time. It's the perfect way to say "I love myself." Get your hair done, get your nails done, get a massage, do it all. PAMPER AWAY!


  1. I love this idea! I also dislike all the holiday gift guides floating around blogland right now. I mean, I kind of understand them. But I'm with you - I've always been a pretty personal gift giver.

    I am ridiculously broke this season, so I can't afford to buy myself the new cell phone that I desperately need. But I AM going to splurge & buy the $45 dollar hoodie I've been looking at for MONTHS. I have a million hoodies, and I have a hard time convincing myself that it's okay to spend that much money on a damn sweatshirt. But it's Christmas. :)

  2. Great idea! It does get a bit monotonous seeing the same things on every blog, I agree!