Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Songs I'm Loving Lately #5: A Little Bit of Everything

Usually for these installments of "Songs I'm Loving Lately" I include five songs, but this time you're getting lucky and I'm sharing SEVEN songs with you! Woo! Half of them are pretty new, too. As usual it's a mix of every genre because my music taste is so broad, but hopefully that means you find at least one new song to your liking. ;)

Leighton Meester

With all the uproar surrounding T. Swift's new album release, you may have missed that Leighton Meester (actress best known for Gossip Girl) has released her own album! Her album "Heartstrings" has a ton of wonderful songs, but this song in particular is my favorite. Her sultry voice mixed with a unique instrumental style match perfectly. 

"Blank Space"
Taylor Swift

Ah, yes, Taylor Swift. Everyone is going cray over her new album "1989" and I can't say I blame them. There's some catchy ass songs on there. This one in particular I can't get out of my head (I woke up at 5:30 this morning with it on my mind, in fact.) I'm not a "Taylor fanatic" so it was a nice surprise to find that I actually enjoy her new album. I think as an artist, and person in general, she's grown up quite a bit. I will admit that when I was a junior in high school (circa 2007ish) I had her break-up angsty songs on repeat for awhile, before she exploded all over the radio. Maybe Taylor and I have both grown up, lolz.

"Rivers and Roads"
The Head and The Heart

For some reason, folk/indie songs tend to pop up on my most played list as the weather turns colder. This song is beautiful. It has both male and female vocals, which I always enjoy with this genre. I first heard it used on HIMYM but I'm glad I did because it's quickly become one of my favorite songs right now.

"Lie a Little Better"
Lucy Hale

Another actress turned singer (although she started off singing before acting but it never quite took off). Lucy came out with her country album "Road Between" over 6 months ago but I still find myself occasionally listening to some of her songs because they're upbeat and catchy country songs. Well, at least this one in particular. I also highly recommend "Nervous Girls" which is a more mellow country song with a powerful message. Oh and if you're into Pretty Little Liars, this song was written about one of her co-stars! I don't know which one, but I'm hoping it's Ezra, ha.

Iron & Wine

Like I said before, during this season I'm praticularly drawn to this type of music. It's mellow and a little sad, but perfect for relaxing.

"All This Time"

This is one of OneRepublic's older songs and definitely not one of their upbeat and catchy songs you may be used to hearing on the radio. It's really romantic (but not sad) and just the right mix of mellow and upbeat for this type of song.

"Beat of the Music"
Brett Eldredge

I'm finishing off this installment of "Songs I'm Loving Lately" with a cute and super country love song, since I did give you a few sad songs after all. Enjoy and let it remind you of summer (only 7 more months till next summer...)

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  1. awesome picks!! i am loving blank space!

  2. I found that Taylor Swift video on YouTube, too. Buuuuuuut, it doesn't play the entire song. Just the music. No words. :(

  3. oh no! I didn't even notice :( hate when that happens

  4. Awesome! You gave me some new tunes to adore!

  5. Loving this playlist! I didn't realize Lucy Hale had a new song! Love it!