Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hey, American Media: Get your shit together.

I've been wanting to write about something more "serious" lately but have been stumped with ideas. Rather, I have plenty of ideas, but every time I start to think about them and get ready to tackle the issue—I get super overwhelmed. I sometimes have the tendency to get super, super rattled up over serious issues. I'm passionate in what I believe in and I also can't stand for stupidity or ignorance. That's why as I've grown older, I unfortunately just avoid these topics all together, simply because I know what I would be getting myself into if I did provide my feedback. Well, low and behold, something has finally brought enough attention that I've decided to go ahead and write about it.

To start with: can everyone please stop talking about Kim Kardashian. Not just her butt and how it's "breaking the internet" but just her in general. She has done NOTHING productive. I still don't understand how she rose to such fame. The craziness over celebrities, especially celebrity "scandals", are absolutely ridiculous and it shames me to think that is what most Americans find news-worthy.

You know what I find news-worthy and was appalled to just recently learn about a new occurrence? School shootings. And how they keep happening. All the time. Yet, they don't appear on the news. Why aren't we being informed about every single f****** school shooting? Did you know there was a school shooting in Marysville, Washington on October 24th? Because I did not.

Now, I don't normally go on the news too often to actually search through all the happenings of the day, but when important things happen I find out about them. Yet, this wasn't on my radar. Why? And why am I just finding out about this now? You want to know why? Because they released recordings of the 911 calls. The media thinks that THIS is what the American people want. To hear the desperate and fear-filled voices of people calling 911 to report a school shooting. One that had five victims, including the shooter himself.

I don't even want to link to the news articles about this because I'm pissed off that this is what it takes to actually report on such a tragedy. I'm pissed off that something so horrible keeps happening all across America and in a place where CHILDREN should feel safe. Instead of addressing gun laws and mental health issues, the government seems to only care about how to re-structure the American school system (which p.s. is not working whatsoever).

So, basically, stop talking about stupid things like Kim's ass and start educating yourself on the real issues our country is facing. Because here's a fun fact: You have the power to vote and change laws that affect the important issues. You do not have the power to choose whether or not Kim's ass is all over the internet.


  1. I'm from Canada and I did hear that a lot of shootings happening in the US are not talked about because there are so many of them every day (not only in schools obviously)! That blows my mind!

  2. I've heard that, too. The media is super controlled here whether people want to acknowledge that or not. What's sad is that I feel part of the reason for that is because people just don't care, they rather hear about celebrity stuff, etc.

  3. (This is going to be a long one...)

    I feel like I hear about school shootings a lot--especially lately--but only for fleeting seconds on the news, usually. I don't typically sit down and search for anything related to school shootings, but I do remember sometime after the Sandy Hook shooting, I was looking up something about it and came upon a horrible typed out 911 call from a different school shooting.
    It's like the tragedy itself that happened isn't enough. We have to know the aftermath--like the parents sobbing and shoo'ing away the cameras. We have to know the "cause" and how our opinion on that certain matter is the right one, even though after the tragedy gets out of the spotlight, we don't give a damn about mental health or gun violence. And we especially have to know the tragic insights of what happened at the exact moment the shootings occurred.
    It just makes me mad that instead of taking a breath and saying something like, "I am so sorry for the loss of the lives of those kids and how the world is affected now without them," people will do anything just to hear the chaotic 911 call of someone who is now dead.

  4. This is why I don't bother with "the news" anymore. I just use social media like reddit. I seem to find out more news that I actually care about on the front page of reddit than on an actual news site. Even some pages on fb are pretty decent. The same people who are more interested in kardashian's ass are the same people who vote shills for politicians into power and blindly follow anything they're paid to say.