Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Spooky Links!

I may be jumping the gun a little bit, but guys, come on! Halloween is only 37 days away! And it is the first day of fall after all, so naturally we all want to jump on that Halloween bandwagon. I'm very big on Halloween and scary movies/stories, so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite sources for finding these spooky things. Enjoy and tis' the season of scaring your pants off!!!

Creepy Pasta is my favorite place to go when I'm in the mood to read a scary story and just creep myself out. I tend to do this late at night right before bed, you know for that added affect of creepiness, ha. All stories are user submitted. Some kind of suck, but there are some really awesome classics in the mix, too. A few of my favorite stories so far: String Theory, Candle Cove, Squidward's Suicide, The Russian Sleep Experiment, The Grimes Home (part of the Candle Cove series), Pokemon Black

This site is brought to you by the creators of Weird NJ, which has always been one of my favorite sites (since 1. I'm from NJ and 2. It's creepy). Weird NJ is an awesome site so I definitely recommend checking it out, even if you're not from NJ. However, if you're looking for stories from your own state you can check out Weird US! The stories are sorted by either state OR category.

In a rush? Want to get your creepy on in a quick way? Then check out these 40 "creepy ass two sentence stories." Honestly, you'd be surprised how scary just two sentences can be. Whoever came up with some of these are super talented.

I'm not sure what year this list was made, so there may be some movies that aren't on the list because they are fairly new, but it still has some of the best scary movies I've ever seen. I've watched the majority of the movies on the list (surprise, surprise) but there's actually some I haven't seen! I've found that the best scary movies are the older ones (like from the 60s to 80s). Anyway, if you're looking for some scary movies to add to your Halloween list I definitely recommend checking this out!

If you have any "spooky links" of your own, please share with me! As you can tell, I love creeping myself out ;)


  1. Honestly, I'm too afraid to actually click on these because I'm the biggest wuss of scary things EVER and I'll get sucked into it and lack self-control and not stop until I can't sleep at night. The struggle is real.


  2. I LOVE THIS! I might need to draft up my own Halloween post. I love scary stuff too.:)