Sunday, September 21, 2014

Some "fall" things I'm loving lately

*warning: this post will be incredibly cliche*

Since summer is finally winding down and the weather's getting chillier, lots of changes come with the new season. Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. I can go on and on about the reasons why, but it all pretty much sums up to there being something in the air that just sparks something in me. This quote explains it a bit better than I can:

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

So with that being said, and since it's officially "fall" in a couple of days, I just wanted to compile a list of some things I'm loving lately now that the weather is getting crisper and pumpkin spiced lattes are all around us.

  • Fall scented candles: I went into the Bath & Body Works store yesterday and besides being bombarded by all their employees to test out this and that and "do you need any help?" it was a somewhat enjoyable experience! Why? Because there's like a bajillion new "fall" scented candles. Of course the majority of them have "pumpkin" in the title and yes, one of the candles I ended up being guilted into buying was called "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin" (it smells wonderful by the way). I love walking into a house and smelling that cinnamon/pumpkin/whatever candle scents they have that are always associated with autumn. It just smells so homey and comforting!
  • Wearing my Uggs: Okay, so I have outgrown that phase where I wore Uggs with everything, but my favorite shoes in the whole wide world are my totally worn out Uggs that I've had for SEVEN years now. They are so ugly but they are so, so comfortable and for me, that makes them beautiful. I don't really wear them to go out into public, unless I'm going on a lazy errand, so these babies get to stay indoors now. My favorite outfit during this time? Light sweater, pajama shorts and my precious Uggs. I don't even wear socks with them. So yeah, you don't want to go anywhere near them.
  • Anticipating Halloween: Halloween is the new Christmas, amiright? Okay, so maybe not everyone is as crazy about Halloween as I am, but it is truly one of my favorite holidays and I'm starting to get pumped up that October is almost here. You know what that means! Scary movies galore! I love movies in general and the horror genre is one of my favorites. Unfortunately, I've basically seen all the ones worth watching already and nothing shocks me anymore. Every Halloween season I want to do something epic but my attempts usually fail. This year I want to try and really scare my pants off, but I'm not sure how... Last year I went to a "haunted house" with a couple of my friends and it basically lasted five minutes because we ran through the entire thing screaming our heads off. I am a little ashamed that as a horror buff I was that much of a pansy when it came time to it. I'd love to go to a real haunted house or somewhere else historic, like Sleepy Hollow or Salem! 
  • That "chimney/smokey" smell: Does ANYONE know what this smell really is? Like is there a specific name for it? Do you even know what I'm talking about? It's that smell that comes with the chillier weather. You walk outside at night in the fall and sometimes you catch this smell and it's just so nice! For me at least. I'm very big on smells, if you haven't noticed, and this is definitely one of my favorite parts of fall. 

Okay, so that is all for now. It's only the very beginning of this wonderful season, so a lot of the typical "cliche" fall favorites are still a few weeks away. I hope you appreciate the fact that I did not include "pumpkin everything" aka the pumpkin spiced latte. I've been a favorite of those so called fabulous drinks for years, but lately I think they're overrated. GASP. I know. How dare I. 

So tell me! What are some "fall" things you're loving lately?


  1. The smell you're talking about just makes me think of campfire smoke, which is one of my favorite smells (when you're not right up on it).
    I'm pumped for scary movies all around, even if they are "B" movies, or movies I've seen a thousand times over.
    I also can't wait to prance around in leggings and cardigans. And actually wear my long hair down! I feel like it's been so hot this summer I've done nothing but wear it in a ponytail.

  2. I am right there with you with Halloween. It's always been my favorite holiday because it's when you can be the most creative. I love thinking of costumes and then getting to make them. It's the best!

  3. I love Halloween also but maybe that's because my mom was so into it (that was her birthday).

    So far we have been apple picking and are planning another trip next weekend. I also want to find a haunted house and a corn maze.

  4. So excited for fall!! Everything you've mentioned reminded me of even more reasons why I can't wait any longer for the weather to cool off. Uggs are totally a guilty pleasure of mine... I have two pairs of Ugg slippers and live in them when its cold out. Great post! XO, Nicole @

  5. I am the same way with my uggs!! I had the same pair for like 5 years, and then I got a new pair, and they're almost as worn out as the last lol Great post! :)
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