Saturday, September 13, 2014

C&V: Statement Jewelry!

Statement necklaces have been all the rage lately and for good reason! They can really add a nice pop of color or style to your outfit. It's so easy to dress up any simple, classic outfit with statement jewelry. Although necklaces seem to be the most popular, there are also awesome rings and bracelets out there to add to your style. Cynthia and I got together to display some of our favorite statement pieces. A lot of these pieces of jewelry were purchased from the following stores: Forever 21, H&M, Charming Charlie, Shop Ruche and thrift stores!

So tell us,

What's your favorite type of statement jewelry piece to wear?
Where do you find your favorite jewelry?


  1. I prefer statement necklaces (especially paired with collared shirts!) and a lot of my jewelery is from Francesca's... though I do find some nice pieces on Etsy :)

  2. Ah how could I forget Francesca's! I love their jewelry and their deals! I've also gotten a few bracelets from Etsy. I love accessorizing and really need to be careful how much I end up spending haha