Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Songs I'm Loving Lately #3

Tove Lo

Not only do I have a crush on her, but I'm currently loving this song super hard. It's one of my favorites right now. I also love the video for this song and the cinematography of it all. It's one of those songs that most people can probably relate to if they've ever been through a hard break-up. 

"Shake It Off"
Taylor Swift

Okay, usually I'm not a Taylor fan. But, every once in awhile she'll come out with a catchy song that I can't help but love and sing along with. I like that she's addressing the haters in this new song. It's definitely one of those types of songs that I'll be adding to my running playlist and it will get me going! Also, it's good advice. Just shake it off.

"Nothin' But Trouble"
Lily Lane

Yes, I discovered this through Pretty Little Liars (they have a lot of good music, actually). No shame. Lily Lane has a beautiful voice, somewhat similar to Norah Jones. Another break-up song people can relate to. I'm sensing a pattern...

"Hospital Beds"
Cold War Kids

This one's actually an old find of mine that I recently rediscovered. I just love everything about this song. The beat, the instruments, the singing, the lyrics, etc. 

Florida Georgia Line

I couldn't help but include a country song to the list. I listen to the country radio station a lot (usually to get a break from the repetitive top 40 hits) and this is one of the songs that I turn the volume up for when it comes on. 

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What song do you currently have on repeat?


  1. Oh my god. Shake It Off and Dirt are literally the only two songs I listen to these days!!! I'll have to check out the others you posted since it seems like we have the same taste in music!


  2. Shake it off is so catchy!

  3. I love The Cold War Kids and Hospital Beds! Have you heard the Florence + the Machine cover? It's fantastic! You can listen to it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDiIPf-qagE (skip to about halfway through)

  4. My taste in music really varies (I like a little bit of each genre pretty much!) but I'd definitely recommend checking out the other songs! Especially the Tove Lo song, I think you'd like it

  5. Surprised I haven't heard Hospital Beds before! I love it!


  6. Glad I was able to help you find something new! :)

  7. I'm glad someone else has heard of it! I had read somewhere that Florence had done a cover of it but still haven't checked it out. Thanks for the link!