Monday, August 11, 2014

August Blogger PJ Party: Back to School & Organization!

I'm really excited to announce that this month I'll be hosting the August Blogger PJ Party! Typically Pam from Hodge Podge Moments takes the lead (she's the one who came up with the idea 5 months ago!) but she's super busy moving this month so she asked a few of us fellow bloggers to help her out. This month marks the 5th party held so far and a lot of new additions are being made. If you've never attended one before, no worries because all bloggers are welcome!

Blogger PJ parties are essentially just a gathering of bloggers on the internet through some social media platform (this month it will take place on Facebook). You can attend from anywhere across the globe and are encouraged to wear your PJs and get as comfy as possible while you sit in front of your computer for a couple hours and chat with other bloggers! Hosts ask questions to get discussions going but all participants are encouraged to come up with their own questions or discussions. Questions tend to vary and discussions are not restricted to just blogger-related topics. It's not only a great way to get blogging tips, but also meet other bloggers and make friends!

What you can expect from this month's party:
• All participants will receive a link to a google doc containing all tips and information discussed during the party, in a concise and organized manner so you can refer back to it when necessary! 
• The theme is "back to school" so organization will be one of the topics discussed, but we will also go over things such as the importance of social media for your blog, aesthetics of your blog, sharing Pinterest boards, networking, etc. 
• Hosts will be giving away ad spots on their blogs throughout the party. The links to the rafflecopter for these will be shared sporadically throughout the event. 
• There will be a link up set up so whoever attends and participates can provide a link to their blog so afterwards everyone can take a look at people's blogs.

To attend this month's party, simply follow along on Facebook

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