Monday, August 4, 2014

5 Fun Facts About Me!

1. I have a dream jar. In this jar, I put in my "dreams." I write them down on colored post-its and fold them up, then toss them into the jar. I'm not sure why I do this. I actually only recently started doing this when I found this cute jar at a thrift sale. At first it was just used for decorative purposes for my room, but one day I just got the idea that I should actually start writing down my dreams and just tossing them in there. Maybe one day in the future I'll take them out and see if any of them have come true. Maybe this is my way of trying to validate them, of making them seem more real and more attainable. Pretty much, this just proves I will always have an inner child and hold on to these silly notions. I like to dream and I like to believe, despite whatever setbacks are thrown my way.

2. I read tarot cards. Okay, I'm not a "professional" and I wouldn't say I'm any good at it either. It's more of just a "for fun" thing I do. However, this is a hobby of mine that I started when I was about 14 (I think, it might have even started earlier...) So I do have a good amount of knowledge under my belt. Sometimes I just do it for therapeutic purposes. I've always had the annoying trait of needing to know what my future holds...but I've gotten better with time. Still a work in progress! Also, this way I don't have to go to a psychic and pay $50 to get my fortune told (ha ha ha - joke.)

3. I remember everyone's birthday. Okay, maybe not everyone, but at least 90%. Chances are if you've told me your birthday just once, even if we're not friends or don't talk often, I will always remember your birth date. I have this thing with dates. Might be one of the reasons why I became a history major. I have a really good memory when it comes to things like this. I also remember the exact dates of certain events in my life that normally other people wouldn't remember.

4. I always sleep with six pillows. Any less and I'm uncomfortable. If I'm traveling or visiting someone, I need to have a minimum of three pillows for me to be able to sleep. Two for my head and one for in-between my legs. At home, I have a queen sized bed so the other three pillows are usually on the spot next to me or thrown about wherever. When I wake up in the morning I'm always in the middle of the bed and surrounded by pillows. Oh, and cats.

5. I'm saving my high school journal for my future daughter. Let's hope I have one! I started writing in a journal on a frequent basis my sophomore year of high school as a coping mechanism and kept up the habit for a couple years. It ended up being completely filled up (which pretty much never happens to me) and half way through it I had decided I would save it to some day give to my daughter when she was old enough. I have another one I wrote throughout college, too. That one never got filled up, but I'm saving it as well!

Lastly, here's a picture of my spoiled brat, Leyla

What's a fun fact about yourself that might be similar to one of mine?

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