Thursday, July 24, 2014

Favorite Instagram Accounts!

Lately, when I ask people what their favorite social media platform is the majority of the time I'm told "Instagram." There was a prime time for Facebook (which is fading fast...) and who could forget about MySpace?! Now, it's all about Instagram. There's just something about scrolling through endless photos people post, usually with cool filters, of cool things they are doing (or eating, the infamous food selfie.) I have this theory that our generation, or even just our current society as a whole, are so fixated on visual stimulation that we are not interested in words, simply pictures. We don't have time, or the attention span, to actually sit and read something. Thus, we like to stimulate our minds with pictures. Why do you think Pinterest is so popular? How many people who use Pinterest actually go back and do whatever crafty project they pinned or take a stab at that delicious looking recipe? Nobody's got time for that.

Anyway, I, much like everybody else, am a huge fan of Instagram. I follow a lot of people (and many of them are "Instagram famous" or just simply famous...) The other day as I scrolled through, I realized I definitely have a list of my favorite accounts, and for various reasons. So as I took a look through my Instagram feed, I jotted down which my favorites were and decided to share them with you! Maybe you'll find a new Instagram account to stalk.

aka Rachel Brathen

"It's absolutely essential to get lost once in a while. It's the only way to find out where you belong."

Rachel's Instagram is truly inspirational. She often posts long captions to go along with her stunning photos and truthfully this is what makes her my number one favorite Instagram account. Her words are inspiring. I wish I could find more adjectives to describe them, but that's really the only one that comes to mind (and trust me, that's not a bad thing.) She is just an inspirational person. She has her ups and downs and isn't afraid to share with the world when she's having a bad day. She is such a genuine person. While yes, it is a yoga account, she posts more than just yoga photos. She travels all around the world and posts pictures of her adventures. However, the thing that always keeps me coming back for more are those captions of hers. She has a way with words and a way of inspiring you to live a better life, to keep going at it, to not worry so much, etc. You just have to check it out for yourself.

aka... Nala, the cat

Come on, of course one of my favorite Instagram accounts would be of a cat. Nala is so cute and cuddly looking. She has an adorable face. She does the silliest poses. You can't help but smile when looking at her pictures. She's pretty Instagram famous, even to the point where her owner sells t-shirts and phone cases with Nala's face on them!

aka Kacie Cone

This is a fairly new find for me, but she immediately became one of my favorite accounts because I love her style. She has her own blog that focuses on her personal style, so of course a lot of her Instagram pictures are fashion-related, but she also posts pictures of her Husky (+ cats) and other cool stuff. 

aka Aly Michalka

You might remember her from Aly & AJ, the sister duo pop singers. I'll admit, I love her Instagram because I think she is absolutely gorgeous. What I like most is that she often posts professional looking pictures (such as the one above) that are taken by her fiancĂ© and just radiate beauty. So yes, her account is a favorite of mine simply because it is aesthetically pleasing to my eyes 8-)

aka Larz

Larz is another fellow blogger who I am totally jealous of because she's basically living my dream! She lives in NYC and gets to do fun shoots around the city and Brooklyn and all the while gets to blog about it. Lucky, lucky gal. I enjoy looking at her Instagram not only because I like her style but I also get to take a look at spots around the city she goes to, and thus live vicariously through her Instagram. Le' sigh.

I have plenty of more favorite accounts, so these are just a few of them. 
What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to stalk?

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