Wednesday, June 11, 2014

DIY for the lazy: Jewelry Display Frame

I like to think this is a space where I can be honest, so if I'm sticking to that pattern I'm going to have to admit to all of you: I am lazy. Not in a bad way (I swear!) I've worked on my lazy tendencies a lot through the years and I'd like to think that I have heavily improved. However, there are still areas in my life in which I tend to half-ass stuff. I can be a perfectionist (almost to that annoying point) for many things, but when it comes to DIY projects or anything related, I just simply cannot. The ironic part is that I'm frequently scrolling through cool looking Pinterest projects and crafts, telling myself "one day" I'll do it. If I'm being honest here, you all might as well be, too. Admit it. You have never completed a single craft you have pinned (for whatever reason it may be, I am not one to judge in this case.)

This leads me to what this post is about. I want to share a sort of "DIY" crafty thing I recently did that I thought was super easy, cute and most importantly - useful!

You might have seen something similar floating around Pinterest, as I have many times. Every time I pin it I keep reminding myself I have to go to the craft store to buy the necessary items needed. I already had the picture frame floating around my new room, so all I really needed was to buy... well pretty much everything else. But, remember, I'm lazy. I also don't have time to take a spontaneous 20 minute trip to the craft store.

So there I am one afternoon, trying to finish setting up my new bedroom and organizing the billions of things I have scattered about. I eye the picture frame sitting in the corner when suddenly my genius idea strikes. I might just be able to come up with something for all my jewelry that's sitting in a drawer!

This DIY project was so simple and fast I didn't even take pictures of the project (also, I'm lazy and wanted to get it done asap.) You don't need pictures to help you figure it out, though, I promise.

All you need is:
Frame you like
Push pins

1. Take out the glass part of your picture frame. You won't be needing this, so you can choose to save it somewhere or just recycle it. 
2. Place a cork board tile (you will probably only need one) inside the frame like you would do with a picture, and measure approximately where you need to cut it so it will fit the frame.
3. As you can tell, I only had to cut off a strip off one of the sides to have it fit my frame. However, I was still left with a big empty chunk at the bottom, so I used the leftover strip to fill in that gap. Wallah!
4. Secure the back part back into the frame so your cork board stays in place as much as possible. It's okay if it's moving around a bit (mine still does but it hasn't fallen apart yet, so no worries.)
5. Now place the push pins wherever you'd like your jewelry to go! For my bracelets, I had to use a few pins for each one and place them strategically so they wouldn't fall off. 

Now go ahead and hang up your wonderful jewelry display frame. Warning: this is really only meant for light to medium weight jewelry. Heavy stuff will probably fall because the pins with the cork board aren't totally secure. Just be careful when removing and placing jewelry. Honestly though, if I have managed to keep this thing together for this long (a notorious clumsy girl) then I'm positive you will have no problems with it. 

It may not be your typical fancy Pinterest project, but it's easy and cheap and comes in handy. I really love it so far, so I'm hoping this works for other people, too! Good luck ;)

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  1. I don't wear much jewelry, but I love just about every piece you posted! My favorites are the hand-stamped ring, the & necklace.. and if I were a mom, I would absolutely want the necklace with my kids' handwriting.

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