Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top 5 Best Dressed: Met Gala 2014

Okay so, I don't typically write "fashion" related posts, but throughout the years I've become fascinated by what celebrities choose to wear at special events, such as the Met Gala. Last year it was "punk" theme and I honestly hated about 90% of the dresses—ha. This year, however, there were a lot of great dresses! I noticed a lot of light gold and shimmery tones and absolutely loved it. Of course, there were lots of celebs who broke the mold (and some kind of flopped at that one.) I refuse to do "worst dressed" because I think that's just mean, but here are my top 5 picks for best dressed at the 2014 Met Gala!

1. Blake Lively
By far my favorite. I loved the flow of her gown and her hair and make up created the ultimate "old hollywood" style, which I'm a big fan of. Also loved the shimmer accents. Blake is a gorgeous woman and I'm a big fan of her style because she knows how to accentuate what she's got, so good for her.

 2. Leighton Meester
It was really hard for me to put Leighton in second place (she's one of my celeb crushes) especially because I adored her dress. The shimmer, the flow of it, the low cut (and how she managed to keep it classy.) I also loved the leg peek through aspect. And her hair matched perfectly. So, actually, maybe it's a tie between her and Blake, I don't know!

 3. Emma Stone
Emma is such a funny gal and seems very laid back despite her quick rise to fame. I loved her choice this year for the Met Gala. The pink hues were lovely and were different from what everyone else was wearing. Once again, I'm a fan of the peek through leg. Also think her hair color is gorgeous and matched well with the pinks of her dress ensemble (is it a dress or skirt/shirt combination? I'm not a fashion expert...)

4. Jessica Alba
Another dress that reminded me of the old Hollywood style, I loved the lace and flowy-ness. What I liked most about this dress is that it's tight on the top and then gently starts to loosen up, so you avoid that weird looking pregnant vibe (not that I'm not a fan of that style.) I just liked the design of this dress. So there.

5. Selena Gomez
Usually, I'm not a fan of Selena. I don't know why, I'm just not. But, I really liked her style choice this year. Her dress was the perfect color for her and her earrings, hairstyle and make-up were the perfect compliments for it. I like the simplicity of it, but also that it has a bit of flare at the bottom and that one sided scrunchy thing that's going on at the top (can you tell I'm not a fashion-guru, yet?)

What were your favorite dresses from this year's Met Gala?

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