Thursday, May 15, 2014

Songs I'm Lovely Lately #1

Naturally, with summer inching it's way closer to us and finally being able to drive with my windows rolled down, I've been more inclined to listen to all those upbeat, happy songs. Anything to get my mood up and excited for warmer weather and better times, right?! We've had a rough winter and the weather always affects my mood, so every time summer approaches I'm a happier girl. These are a few of the songs I've had on repeat for the past couple of weeks and if you see me driving, don't be surprised if one of these songs is on blast and I'm singing along like a fool. 

"A Sky Full of Stars"

I love Coldplay and I'm super pumped that their new album is coming out this Monday. They have released three singles, all which I love (especially Magic), but this one in particular is one of those songs. You know, those songs that kind of just make you want to dance around with your arms wide open and jumping up and down (or is that just me that happens to?) What I love about Coldplay is that they've pretty much nailed the sad love songs that tear your soul apart, but lately they've been coming out with nice upbeat songs that are sure to put you in a better mood, such as this one! So give it a listen and see for yourself ;)

"Not a Bad Thing"
Justin Timberlake

JT, I love you. I was always a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan and avoided N'Sync like the plaque, but once Justin went out on his own I gave him a chance, and he rarely ever disappoints. Last year my favorite song of his (that came out around the same time) was "Mirrors" and now it's this one. Another one of those songs that I unabashedly know all the lyrics to and yes, I will blurt them out at the top of my lungs despite my awful singing voice.

Calvin Harris

So, duh, a song titled "Summer" would obviously remind me of summer. Usually any Calvin Harris song gets me in that summery mood, and this one is no exception. I'm not your typical "house" music fan (is that even what they're calling it these days? See, I'm a newb) but I do enjoy the occasional song. If the weather is gorgeous out and this song comes on the radio, you can expect me to turn up the sound and start bouncing up and down in my seat, bobbing my head along to the beat. 

"Don’t Find Another Love"
Tegan & Sara 

I first started listening to this song back in February when that cheesy romantic movie came out (Endless Love) because it's on the soundtrack (which is actually pretty good!) It was on repeat for awhile back then and now I'm back to listening to it because it's just a catchy and fun love song. 

"Never Let Me Go"
Lana Del Rey

For whatever reason, any Lana Del Rey song just reminds me of summer. Maybe because I first started listening to her a couple summers ago. There's just something about her sultry voice and the beats to her songs that ooze summer to me. This is one of her recent singles (another worth listening to is "West Coast") If you aren't normally a Lana fan, I'd still give this a listen because it's not like most of her songs. 

What songs have you been playing on repeat lately?

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