Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blogging Tools: Free Check List!

One of my tips for building your blog is going "social media crazy." This requires that you share each post you publish on as many social media platforms as possible. Sometimes it's hard work! It's especially hard to keep track of what accounts you have shared your post on. That's why I came up with this really simple "Social Media Check List" that helps you get a bit more organized and on track with your blog sharing. Of course, you don't have to share on every single one of these. I recommend that you share your post on a minimum of three social media accounts. You'll find that depending on what the topic is, some platforms are better than others. Using keywords will also be tremendous help, because this leads people who are interested in your topic to your blog.

Click here to view the check list and download it!

For ultimate use, print out just one copy and have it laminated somewhere like Staples. That way you can keep using the same one over and over again, just use dry erase marker!

Happy Blogging!

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