Monday, April 14, 2014

Inspiration Monday: It's the little things

Today is going to be a long day for me and just thinking about it starts to make me tired. I usually stay up late doing blog work/writing and then wake up mid-morning to have some time before my afternoon/early evening job. Today I'm working the more typical 9-5 hours and we all know that's hard to do even when you're already used to it (which I am not.) So this morning when I woke up and laid in bed for awhile, I thought to myself "what can I do to make this day, even this week, be more positive and keep myself in a good mood?" That's when I realized that sometimes life is just about the little things. Those small moments in your day that make you smile or laugh or just grateful to be alive. Sometimes it's the little things that really affect us the most. Here are the five "little things" that I came up with this morning while laying in bed, trying to prep myself for the week ahead:


1. Having a pet that sleeps with you every night and then every morning when you wake up, she gets up too and comes over to you to snuggle and purr for awhile before you have to start your day.
2. Having to google some pop reference that you have no idea what it stands for and realizing you are starting to get "old" because you are not up to date with these teeny lingoes (but having a laugh about it!)
3. Waking up and hearing the birds chirping. Hearing the hoot of an owl because it's early enough that they're still out. Looking out your window and see the sun is shining.
4. Starting your day off with a loved one, getting ready simultaneously, complaining about "what a long day it's gonna be" and "Monday's suck ugh omg bye" but knowing you're not alone in your "struggle" - everybody's tired.
5. You are alive. You woke up to a new day. It can hold just about anything. Endless opportunities await you. Maybe it'll be just an ordinary day, maybe it will be an awful exhausting day, but maybe it will be a day that changes your life forever (in a good way.) You really never know.



Have a wonderful day and a great week!


  1. waking up and hearing the birds chirp is seriously one of the most peaceful and beautiful things! I love it too :) Happy Monday!

  2. I love this! I completely agree that it's important to do everything in our power to make a day great!

    Found you from the #bloggerPJParty, and now following along!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  3. Love this positive post! It's hard to be positive on Monday mornings. :)

  4. Ooh, I love this! It's important to stay positive, especially when staring down the barrel of a loooong day. Thanks for sharing! xx, Elizabeth