Monday, April 28, 2014

Celebrity Crushes: Girl Power Edition

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed the other night and I realized I idolize so many celebrity women. Some I like for their amazing talent, some for their style, some for what they do and what they believe in, some just because they're really pretty, and then there are some that fit all the above.

Here are my top 10 female celeb crushes, and in no particular order!

1. Emmy Rossum

The star of "Shameless" is a super talented and gorgeous actress. She also has a great voice. One thing that's special about her is that she doesn't have a personal stylist like most celebrities do and does her own make-up, hair, etc. 

2. Lea Michele

Lea is my idol. She's such a strong woman and so talented. Her voice is simply amazing and she's been through so much this year but has kept a brave face and continues to pursue her dreams.

3. Ashley Benson

One of the stars of "Pretty Little Liars" and that mess of a movie "Spring Breakers." She plays my favorite character, Hannah, on PLL and I love following her Instagram because she's constantly posting selfies, and who doesn't like selfies from a pretty celeb?

4. Leighton Meester

Leighton is not only a beautiful actress, but she also has an incredible voice! I'm also obsessed with her hair.

5. Teresa Palmer

Tez is an Australian actress who has quickly become one of my favorites. She's a natural beauty. I also admire her because she started this website that focuses on helping people live a "zen" life.

6. Amy Adams

Have you guys seen American Hustle!? Amy was amazing in it. She is one seriously talented actress (and apparently she can sing, too... who can't at this point?) She also has the most gorgeous red hair I have ever seen.

7. Candice Accola

Candice plays a vampire on the hit t.v. show "The Vampire Diaries" and her chemistry with everyone she acts with is on par. She can sing, too. Why can all actresses also sing? Not fair. 

8. Rachel McAdams

Ah, the lovely Rachel McAdams. This girl can pull off just about any hair color. Also any character. She plays Regina in Mean Girls, but also Allie in The Notebook. So versatile. 

9. Miranda Lambert

Miranda is my favorite country singer. She has such a kick-ass personality, along with that amazing voice. She's also an avid animal lover and frequently helps animal shelters find homes for their rescue dogs.

10. Lana Del Rey

Another singer I love, with a great and unique style. Lana is gorgeous and her music videos are always so unique with beautiful cinematography. 

Who are some of your celebrity female crushes, and why?


  1. Amy Adams and Leighton Meester would 100% be on mine as well! I have way too many girl crushes to count.........

  2. Amy, Rachel, and Lana are all on mine too!! Gorgeous and so good at their work!


  3. Leighton, Ashley, Emmy...what's not to love?! Great choices!


    Kimberly | Kimberly's Chronicle

  4. Love these. I really love Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens and Shailene Woodley. They are all so uniquely themselves and don't seem jaded by the world around them

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  5. These girls are perfect! Could not have picked a better bunch. I am a huge Lana and Lea fan, but I love that Amy Adams is on here! Plus Leighton - ultimate girl crush.

    xoxo, Amanda
    Brunette with a Bow

  6. Emmy Rossum, Lea Michele and Amy Adams for me! I didn't know Emmy does her own styling, that's really something!

  7. I like Rachel McAdams too. I think mine is Sarah Jessica Parker...she is smart, humble, and a style icon. And Katherine Hepburn, because she is unapologetic and independent. And Lucille Ball for her pioneering spirit. :-) Stopping by from the NE Bloggers' group on FB. :-)