Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The stages I go through with "that song" everybody loves

I'm sure you've all been there before. There's a new hit song and everybody loves it. It's on the radio all the time; it's everywhere you turn. Problem is, you hate it. You loathe it. Two things can happen at this point. Either you wait for it to fade out (which might take months...) or suddenly you find yourself actually enjoying it a bit, only to realize that you have the song on blast as you're driving and happily singing along. You are all guilty of this, do not deny it!

This happened to me a couple years ago when I was still in college and the latest song that literally everybody was singing or blasting at parties was "Call Me Maybe." When I first heard it I was like, "what the hell is this crap?!" It drove me nuts (and trust me, it's ten times more annoying when that song you hate is being sung by a bunch of drunk girls.) Eventually, I caught on. I was singing it at bars. I wasn't switching the radio station when it came on. I had fallen into the trap. Of course, now if I ever hear it my reaction is just "Stop. Bye."


Here are the stages I go through when it comes to songs like these.
The song I shall be using as an example is none other than "Happy" by Pharrell. You know, that song.

1. "This song sucks."

The moment I first heard the song, I was in a bitter mood. Who the hell is going to like a song that's all about happiness when they're in an awful mood? Whatever, I changed the station and problem solved.
2. "Why is this song everywhere I go?!

I heard this song twice while substitute teaching. At two different schools. They play it in the morning while kids are at their lockers getting ready for first period. They play it before school is over while the kids are packing up. It's here, it's there, it's everywhere.

3. "Why does everyone love this song so much?"

So I'm standing on line at the cash register and someone's phone starts ringing. It has a music ringtone. Guess what song it is. He lets it ring for a little bit, while the people around me start smiling. A woman says "I love that song." My dad says, "me too!" I just stand there. Wondering why.

4. "It's kind of catchy..."

My old high school recently did a video to the song for their spirit day and I watched it because I was curious to see what was up at WOHS and if I'd recognize anyone (which I did not since I am old.) The video is cute and upbeat, and made me miss high school (wow.) Even if it was that song in the background. I found myself suddenly not hating the song.

5. "This song ain't so bad!"

I'm driving my car, "Happy" comes on. I'm in a fairly good mood. Spring is kind of sort of in the air. I have my windows down a bit. I'm cruising down the street. I find myself putting the volume up. I don't change the station. I listen to the song the whole way through. That's when I realize. I like this song.

6. "Okay, seriously, enough already."

This hasn't happened yet, but I guarantee it will very soon. You get sick of the same song playing over and over again. We're human, it's in our nature. Enjoy the fact that you're not annoyed with it yet, because it's gonna happen.

Here is the video my old high school did for "Happy" by Pharrell.