Friday, March 14, 2014

My Top 5 Hangover Cures

Honestly, just thinking about this post is giving me flashbacks to last weekend after my birthday party and my head starts pounding. But, I figured I'd help you guys out and let you in on a few tips to beating those nasty hangovers.


1. Coconut Water - They might as well call this unicorn piss, because it's that magical. First of all, it tastes pretty good (to me, at least.) It's also super hydrating which is exactly what you need after a night of drinking. It's full of electrolytes, similar to sports drinks, but it contains less sugar than those types of drinks so it's better for you (and your hangover.) Coconut water contains an abundance of nutrients (especially potassium, whatever that does for you) and we all know your poor weak self could use just about all the healthiness it can swallow at this point.

2. B Vitamins - You lose a lot of vitamins and nutrients when you drink, especially vitamin B. Vitamin B is good for your metabolism and also boosts your energy. Taking a good B complex vitamin can help boost your energy and mood after a night out.

3. Carbs - My favorite go-to hangover foods are bagels with cream cheese or butter (nothing beats a true Jersey bagel… MMMMM) or an entire box of mac & cheese to my face. Although you probably want to vaporize a greasy plate of hash browns, bacon and eggs- be wary of this. Sometimes too much greasy food will only lead to you feeling worse. Or, you know, that bathroom situation…

4. Alka-Seltzer Extra Strength - This medicine kills two birds with one stone. Alka-seltzer is known for relieving upset stomachs and all that, but they also sell a version that contains pain relievers, so it will help with that killer headache as well. It's better than just taking Advil or Tylenol, because sometimes that headache you have is due to your stomach being all effed up.

5. Sleep - Yep, sometimes all you can do is sleep it off.


Extra tips for the night before!

(wait, my first tip is: don't ever, ever drink this crap ^)

In order to avoid a hangover you should:

1. Drink some water throughout the night. Seriously. It might seem like a pain in the ass or silly, but it does make a difference. Staying hydrated will help you the morning after.
2. Avoid smoking cigarettes. A lot of people become social smokers after a drink or two, but studies have found that smoking can actually increase the intensity of your hangover the next day. (Also, as a general rule, just don't smoke. It's bad news bears.)
3. Don't mix the types of drinks you get. Stick with just one type of alcohol (beer, vodka, whatever.)
4. Avoid diet soda as a mixer or chaser. The fake sugar can make you even more dehydrated.
5. As we get older, our bodies can't handle "binge-drinking" the same way they did when we were 18/19. Be realistic. Not only is binge-drinking unattractive after a certain point, but it's also really bad for your health. So, don't over do it.

P.S. This is what I learned at college.

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