Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Snapshots

My weekend was relatively uneventful, but relaxing nonetheless. Technically it was my last weekend before starting my "big girl" job! Maybe I should have partied a little more? I'm probably going to be pooped come next week. Anyway, here are some snapshots from my weekend.


Starting my Friday morning off with a big cup of coffee.


Freezing winter = wearing my obnoxious hot pink slippers

Saw this got good reviews and it was cheap, hope it works!

This broke my heart. Someone leaves cat food out in front of CVS for the strays.

Bored = pretend I'm a model and take pictures (#noshameinselfies)

But really I should probably stop...

NEW FLATS! I'm obsessed. Perfect for work or going out. They have a bit of a heel, too.

Why yes DSW, I do have a shoe problem and you don't help.


Okay no, I'm not getting engaged. I'm light years away from that, unfortunately. But this ring is beautiful. I'm loving the rose quartz and diamond style I've been seeing a lot lately.


I  think I finally decided on the bird tattoo I want and where. Will post pics once it happens!


Tried out this messy bun tutorial I found. I kind of like it!

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